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  • NEDPA seeks applicants for new staff position: Director of Member Services and Industry Relations.  CLICK HERE for position description and application instructions. 
  • The Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development website is a new resource available to agricultural employers.  Visit the website to learn more about I-9 SOPs, workforce regulations, human resources management, and subscribe to The Ag Workforce Journal to stay up-to-date on the latest issues and topics in ag labor.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Manure Storage In NYS:  NYS Agriculture & Markets and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation answers questions concerning dairy farm manure storage. 
  • New York State Ag & Markets has posted Estimate of NYS  Dairy Processing Capacity on their website. This presentation was made to the Milk Market Advisory Council. 
  • Recruiting in a Multi-Generational Talent Poolwritten by Dan Simmons, a professional recruiter and owner of Continental Search, helps employers understand the communication and motivation differences of generations in today's workforce.
  • Considering a career in the dairy industry?  CLICK HERE to view more than 20 career paths that serve the dairy industry.  

  • All totaled, NEDPA member farms now represent over 190,000 milking cows!  Thank you to our members for their continued support.

  • OSHA Accident and Injury Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements: CLICK HERE to watch a quick 15 minute tutorial at DOL website. CLICK HERE for links to required recordkeeping  .

  • The Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs (DIPA) recently released a document "Services and Protections for Farmworkers" which provides guidelines to workers on NYS laws and regulations their employers must follow.  The document has a detailed table of contents and follows a simple "Q" and "A" format.  Employers and employees are encouraged to read the manual to help them better understand how DIPA and NY DOL interpret the labor laws and regulations. CLICK HERE for a pdf of the document. 

  • A Common Core Dilemma for NY Agriculture - Omnivore's Dilemma - Young Readers Edition is a book used in an 8th grade ELA Common Core module in schools. It presents a negative perspective of modern agriculture.  This article shows how one New York dairy farmer (NEDPA member) insisted on presenting a more realistic perspective to students in his school district.

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